we use the freshest ingredients
to achieve the authentic Italian taste.

Sonny’s Pizza Bar specialises in traditional Italian cuisine. We aim to bring an authentic Italian experience straight to you. With fresh ingredients and a technique passed on through generations, every pizza is made with passion and love.


Owners Rob and Tina have run Sonny’s for over a decade, and in this time have perfected their craft. All dough is handcrafted on site, only the freshest ingredients are used, and they’re always there to do the best for their customers and exceed expectations. Always looking for the latest tastes, the menu has grown as their experience has as well.


Sonny’s now has vegan pizzas, which unlike the competition are made with our own mock meats and cheese that we create in-store. After seeing that the selection of cheeses and mock meats for vegan pizzas wasn’t at our standard, we strived to perfect recipes to create that authentic Italian taste, without any harm to any animal.